I'm David, a documentary wedding photographer in Ireland

Above photos with thanks to John Gillooley Photographer

I’m married with an amazing little daughter who at 7 years old is already taking an interest in the camera just like I did at a very early age. I studied photography in Griffith College Dublin before making the full-time leap into the photography world in 2007. Since then, wedding photography literally took off for me and I haven’t looked back.

I work all over Ireland and I also have photographed over 100 destination weddings mainly in Europe but also further afield. I cut back on the number of overseas wedding since the birth of my daughter. However now that she is older, I am opening up my calendar for a limited number of destination weddings from 2021 onwards.

So what do I want to do for you…?

My objective as a documentary wedding photographer is not only to provide you with a great service and an amazing experience on your wedding day but also to capture fantastic images that reflect and tell the story of your special day.

I’m incredibly passionate and driven about delivering fantastic images. However, it’s not just about the final photographs produced, but the process of how we achieve them and I want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you.

My aim is to ensure that you feel comfortable with me and my cameras and that I end up providing you with photographs that you will never grow tired of looking at. I want to provide you with natural and vibrant images that you will be proud to hang on your walls or show off to friends and family in an album. No cheesy stuff….!!!

Generally speaking, I am an observer and I tend to stand back and document your day capturing everything as it unfolds naturally. However, I’m all about getting the best images possible so if that means a little bit of direction from me to help things along or make you look better for the camera by perhaps standing or looking in a slightly different position or direction, then I’ll say it. But most important, it will not look cheesy. Happy days..!!

I like to incorporate the environment and when on location, I seek out the best natural lighting and backdrops in which to place you and then wait to capture the feeling and human connection to tell your story and take you back to that moment in time. The textures and beautiful tones which can be achieved through contemporary post processing techniques also play a part in the final outcome of your images.

I understand your wedding day can be quite busy and stressful and that’s why I endeavour to make it so much easier for you. If you’re looking for amazing wedding photos that will not look dated in a few years time and that are captured in a genuinely relaxed and enjoyable manner, contact me today and find out how I can help.



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My Style

I produce beautiful vivid colour images complimented with high contrast black and white images. True colour and B&W will always stand the test of time and that is what I have produced since 2007. I love photographing people and I specialise in natural, unposed wedding photography so I’m not the bossy type strutting in and taking over your day. Having said that, if you feel that you do need some help, of course I’m there for you to give a little direction where needed.

As a documentary wedding photographer in Ireland, I do thrive in documentary or photojournalistic mode. Some people call it reportage but it really doesn’t matter what it’s called. It’s about being there. I love blending in with my surroundings and creating an image at just the right moment. It’s about experience and anticipation – knowing what’s going to happen next so I can be ready to capture the moment. And that’s just it, weddings are about ‘moments’ and should not be about big elaborate photo shoots.

And…, I never tell you to look at the camera and “smile” or say “cheese”.

I just want you both to be YOU.

Documentary wedding photographer in Ireland

How I Work

Bridal Preparation

Typically I will always start at the bridal preparations. When I arrive, the first thing that I say to everybody that is present is to ignore me. I want to just blend into the background and document what is happening naturally and creatively. I generally start with some details shots – dress, shoes etc and then concentrate on the people. If I can spend a short time covering the groom’s preparations also (if he is close by), then great. But that’s up to you.


At the ceremony, I’m remaining as discrete as possible working largely with a long lens which enables me to hang back but get in close. Ceremonies can be the emotional highpoint of the day so it’s about watching for those moments and being prepared to capture them. It’s about watching your guests (especially bored kids…!) and about moving around where possible looking for interesting angles.

Your guests are central to your celebration and I will aim to get as many quality images of your friends and family as I can and in a way that is natural. Most of the time, they will not even notice that they are being photographed resulting in really natural images.

Couple Shoot

During your couple session, I just take you for a walk. It doesn’t have to be for long. In fact, we will have discussed and agreed the timescale before the wedding so we will decide together how long to spend together on this part of the day. After all, it is important that you balance the time having photographs done and spending time with your guests. 20 to 40 minutes is the norm depending on your wishes and the location for the photos – for example some locations require a bit of a longer walk than others to reach some great spots for photos. I’m keeping these shots totally natural. I do not do cheesy cliched wedding shots. Nor am I a slave to all the latest trends in wedding photography that will produce photographs that will look completely naff in a few years time. My work will stand the test of time and remain timeless.

Instead, I want to capture photographs of the two of you acting naturally and enjoying this short intimate time together away from your guests. That means you being together and concentrating on each other. Meantime, I concentrate on getting the shots from different angles often from a distance away. Typically I layer my shots and create dimension by shooting through bushes, leaves, from behind walls or trees. Look at my gallery and you will see what I mean. In fact, if you look closely at my gallery you will rarely see brides and grooms looking at the camera. If they are, it’s usually because they are happy to and of course that is totally fine.

Group Shots

Some posed group or family shots during the day are of course possible but my advice here is to keep these photographs to a minimum as otherwise you will find yourself standing around waiting for some people to turn up. No matter how well this is organised there will always be some people who will just keep everybody waiting and waiting. And waiting….. I know that there is generally family pressure to get a large combination of different family photos but this is where you need to be selfish and decide what YOU really want. Remember, it is YOUR day to enjoy not auntie Molly’s and her demands for every combination of family photo possible.


For most weddings, I’m there to capture the speeches and the cake cutting (if there is a cake – it’s a tradition that is disappearing) and the dancing. Dancing is really where the fun starts and some of these shots can be very funny which limbs going in all directions and mad facial expressions.


After the wedding I will edit all your images. I do not just edit 100 of them for example as some others do. Each photograph will receive individual toning and whatever other adjustments I think necessary to enhance it in my personal style. Once I have all your images edited, they will be uploaded to your private gallery where you can view them, share them (only if you want to of course…) and download the high resolution jpgs. They are not watermarked and they are print ready. You can print the files wherever you want to although if you are printing images for framing or if you want canvases, I do advise you to go through me rather than the various cheap poor quality happy snappy printing outlets on the high street.

After that, we work on what is the true end result of your wedding photographs – a high quality, professionally printed and produced album.


Sounds good…?  Then if you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer in Ireland, get in touch now to check availability.