Included with all my photography packages is a lovely linen covered 25x25cm 40 page Vintage Album. You may also choose to upgrade your album or purchase presentation boxes, parent copies etc.

Vintage Album - The Vintage album is a beautiful 40 page album covered in linen and comes as standard with all my wedding packages. The album features a lay flat design and comes with a choice of 13 different cover colours. An optional matching box is also available to order.  You may upgrade to a larger size or more pages if necessary.

  • Add an extra 10 pages: €95
  • 30x30cm / 35x25cm, 40 pages: €100
  • 30x30cm / 35x25cm, 50 pages: €165
  • soft leather carry case: €60 or matching presentation box for storage & protection: €85
  • embossing of names on front cover: €24
  • parent albums: €150 each

Or upgrade to different styled albums and a choice of cover types.
— See below for options.

Lunak Album - It's the same as the Vintage Album except with a luxury cover material in 8 colours and a matching presentation box is included as standard.

  • 25x25cm, 40 pages: €80                                                             2 Parent Albums inc matching presentation boxes: €350
  • 25x25cm, 50 pages: €135
  • 30x30cm / 35x25cm, 40 pages: €170
  • 30x30cm / 35x25cm, 50 pages: €230

Premium Storybook Albums - These are custom designed, hand-bound by skilled bookbinders to deliver a beautiful finish. The albums open flat with full double page, edge-to-edge panoramic printing.  Available in different sizes in a square or landscape format.  Range of cover types also available from full leather to acrylic (acrylic version shown in examples below).

    Full Leather Cover

  • 30x30cm 40 pages: €300
  • 30x30cm 50 pages: €360
  • 35x25cm 40 pages: €245
  • 35x25cm 50 pages: €245

     Acrylic Cover

  • 30x30cm 40 pages: €230
  • 30x30cm 50 pages: €300
  • 35x25cm 40 pages: €360
  • 35x25cm 50 pages: €360
  • soft leather carry case: €60 or matching presentation box: €85
  • embossing of names on front cover (leather only): €24
  • 2 parent albums: €400

Exclusive Fine Art Albums - These albums are la crème de la crème..!!  Available in linen, patterned material and luxury leather covers.  Your photographs are printed on a smooth matt velvet paper or a beautiful fine art netunno paper ensuring a unique textured, gallery quality to your images.  These albums are timeless and need to be seen to be fully appreciated.  


Linen (choice of colours) covered fine art album (pictured above), Fine Art Nettuno paper, 30x40cm 80 pages with matching box: €550


Patterned material (choice of colours) covered fine art album (pictured above), Fine Art Nettuno paper, 30x30cm 40 pages with matching box: €550

Parent copies: €200 each


My most beautiful album - Luxury leather (choice of colours) covered fine art album (pictured above) printed on velvet matt paper

  • 24x36cm, 40 pages: €595
  • 24x36cm, 50 pages: €700
  • Parent copies: €250 each
  • Matching leather covered box: €120
  • 25x25cm, 40 pages: €450
  • 25x25cm, 50 pages: €520
  • 30x30cm, 40 pages: €500
  • 30x30cm, 50 pages: €575

The Boutique Collection - The Boutique Collection is a beautifully presented set of 18 Fine Art prints. Each print is printed on Fine Art Netunno paper with a 2mm thinkness.  The Boutique box is covered in vintage material of which there is a choice of 11 colours.  Embossing with up to 15 characters is possible.  Not only is this wonderful set of prints a lovely keepsake for the brige and groom, but it makes a lovely alternative to a parent album.

  • 18x13cm 18 prints: €150



So you have decided on your style of wedding album and the number of pages.  What happens next?  Well, you need to choose your photos to be included.  Generally I recommend an average of approx 2.2 photos per page so if you have chosen a 40 page album you should be looking at around 88 photos.  This should result in a nicely balanced album whilst allowing space for some full page and double page spreads.  The best way to choose your photos is to go to your gallery and mark each photo that you want as a 'favourite' by clicking on the love heart icon beside each photo.  Please also chose some detail shots here as sometimes people overlook them but they were also an important part of your day.  A few detail shots here and there also help make your album look great.  When you have this complete, let me know as then I can log onto your gallery and see all the photos you've picked for the album.  

I will then work on a layout design for you.  Layouts differ with every single album as they totally depend on the type of photos you have chosen.  I need to try and make them fit on each page in a way that is balanced and pleasing to the eye whilst telling the story of your day. Once this is ready, I'll send you a link to a proofing gallery where you will be able to see how your album will look page by page.  This will allow you to view each page as if the album was laid out in front of you.  You can then type in any comments or suggested changes against the relevant page for me to view and make the changes.  So you are fully involved in how your album will finally look.  Once you are happy with the design, you sign off online and it is uploaded to the album manufacturer.  If you have chosen parent albums, these also need to be ordered at the same time as the main album.  These are exact copies of the main album but are smaller in size, usually 20x20cm.

Generally within 3 to 5 weeks I receive your finished album from the factory and I'll be in touch with you to arrange collection.  If you are living abroad and wish for it to be shipped to you, it's not a problem.  It's weight and location dependent obviously, but generally the postage works out at about €50 for Australia and €40 for the USA.  

Please note that my album manufacturer cut-off points for Christmas are normally early November so any orders placed after that will not ensure your album is ready prior to Christmas.