Marina & Eric's Wedding in Delft, The Netherlands

This is the wedding of Marina & Eric.  I received a call from a rather famous Dutch photographer living in Holland asking if I would be available to photograph his sister-in-law’s wedding.  He couldn’t do it as he would be a guest and besides no professional ever wants to photograph a friend or family’s wedding anyway.  Coverage was to be totally documentary only in line with the bride and grooms wishes.  The only posed type of photographs were to be the usual family photos. I was available so I hopped on a plane with my gear.
The wedding took place just outside the beautiful little city of Delft close to Rotterdam.  The bride got ready at her home where as Dutch tradition follows, the groom collected her in a vintage VW beetle to bring her to their outdoor ceremony in a working farm which also served as a B&B and obviously a rustic wedding venue. Along the way we did did stop for some ice cream in a famous ice cream shop in Delft.  I admit I had no idea about the shop but the ice cream was fantastic….!!  Then onwards to the wedding venue.  Thankfully the weather stayed dry and sunny which is not actually ideal for photography as it causes harsh shadows and squinty eyes but as a wedding photographer you just have to work within the environment that is presented to you and adapt to it in the best way possible.  
This was an intimate wedding attended by very close family and close friends.  It was beautiful - the rustic setting was fab with cows grazing all around us and the dry weather meant that the outdoor ceremony was possible.  I’ve had so many of these cancelled over the years it is always a treat when the weather doesn’t interfere.  After the ceremony, it’s congratulations time, cake cutting some champagne, family photos and some mingling shots before dinner and the end of my day in this instance.  A lovely day and here are some of the photos to share.