Hotel Doolin Wedding Co Clare, H&C

Hannah & Ciaran got married in Co Clare and held their wedding reception in Hotel Doolin in the West of Ireland this summer. Probably one of my favourite weddings to photograph this year despite some bad weather on the day.  The day started with the bridal preparations in Hannah's family home.  The preparations turned out to be a totally stress free and enjoyable morning as they should be.  A testament to Hannah’s planning..!!
Hannah’s uncle was on chauffeur duty with his very own classic Ford.  Slight concern and joking before the wedding if the car would make it but it did.  Sort of….  It made it to Hannah’s house but broke down twice on the way to the church leaving us all wondering where the bride was.  But she turned up eventually and the ceremony in the beautiful bare filed church just outside Ennis kicked off just a little bit late. 
After the ceremony, we completed some very quick family photos before setting off to Hags head close to the Cliffs of Moher for photographs.  It was a little bit of a drive and not only did the weather turn from a beautiful day to lets just say - wet and grey, but the classic Ford broke down again.  This time it was terminal…!!  So bride & groom hopped into my car and I played Chauffeur and photographer.  When we eventually reached our photo location at Hags Head, unfortunately the rain was still pouring down but it didn’t stop any of us from getting wet (cameras included) and having a mega quick photo session on the edge of the cliffs.
Would loved to have had more time here but weather and time was not on our side so we headed for Doolin where the reception was to take place in Hotel Doolin.  By the time we reached there, the rain had eased so we stopped off for some more quick photos with Hannah & Ciaran and the bridal party before it became too dark.  
So, now that the photos were done, it was time for the reception and back into documentary mode for me.  A beautiful hot and cold buffet meal was served or all of us before speeches, some friend group photos and the dancing.  Despite the weather turning sour after the church, everybody had a fantastic time and the setting at Hotel Doolin and the lengths that they go to make it really unique and special for every couple made it one of those weddings to remember for a long time.