What a wedding…!! About 2.5 hours photo time in 3 locations with the couple. With an Irish wedding you’re lucky to get 20 minutes in the one spot so this was a real treat. This is a wedding that I covered a few months back during the summer in The Netherlands. My favourite destination wedding photography shoots from 2018.

Destination Wedding Photography – The Hague, Netherlands

The Morning

So, after a couple of Skype chats with Chantal & Maurice the day eventually arrived. I went straight to the preparations which were being held in their house…. It was busy house with their kids, family and friends around but the excitement was real. Once the bride and groom were ready, a first look was held in the living room. The photographic plan was to go with Chantal and Maurice and their kids to the Maassilo in Rotterdam and then to a nearby park. The Maassilo, is a former huge old grain silo. Whilst I’d driven by it loads of times before I’d never actually been inside. It has a real industrial feel and is popular for concerts and events, and wedding photography with Dutch couples..! I knew it was going to be good, but it’s incredible….! We started with Chantal, Maurice and the kids first as we reckoned that the younger kids would get fed up after 20 seconds. Which they did but we got our shots. Kids were then brought home and Maurice, Chantal and I stayed on to walk around and capture some photographs inside the factory.

After spending about an hour there we then went onto Park Schoonoord in Rotterdam. This is a park that I’d worked in many times before with other Dutch weddings. It offered a total contrast to the previous location. After another hour photographing under the hot sun, it was time to return to Zoetermeer for refreshments, greet some more family and friends before heading off the the evening ceremony.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was to be held in the evening on the beach at Zuiderstrand Kijkduin just outside The Hague. Again, a place that I was familiar with having worked there several times before. Here there was even more family and friends waiting for the outdoor ceremony. Chantal and Maurice with their kids made their entrance just before the sun started to set and the ceremony started. An incredible setting by the sea, with the sun setting behind and the warm sea breeze. A beautiful ceremony followed by a quick speech by Maurice before the dancing started.

My time then came to an end. An exhausting day, but an incredible one on so many levels. I love Dutch weddings as they are so much more informal, couples always prioritise and allow loads of time for photos and everything runs on time. Great to see my old home, neighbourhood, canals, some old neighbours and friends (unfortunately not enough time to see everybody).

Looking for a photographer for your Dutch wedding?

I’ve turned down several requests for Dutch weddings this year due to the fact that I was already booked for Irish weddings. However, I am happy and available to continue to provide destination wedding photography in The Netherlands. Thank you so much to Chantal & Maurice for choosing me to be their destination wedding photographer in Holland.

If you’re looking for destination wedding photography, please get in touch and I’d be delighted to send you some more information. I am now taking bookings for 2020/21. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer in Dublin, Ireland or The Netherlands get in touch quickly as the most popular dates go fast!