An engagement shoot in Dublin City anytime of the year is special.  This shoot was on a beautiful December day just before Christmas.

Engagement Shoot in Dublin City – Anna & Andres

More and more couples are now choosing to book an engagement session before their wedding. Why? Simple – because the photographs taken on the wedding day always end up looking better as couples are more relaxed and interact more which leads to more photographic opportunities, less direction from the photographer and a greater number of natural looking photos. Ok, thats a longish sentence but you get my drift..? If you become familiar with your wedding photographer, then as a couple you will know what to do and what to expect and so everything become so much easier for everybody. And there’s another direct benefit. Because you know how everything works, we now need less time on the wedding day to get better photos. A big win win…! Anyway, the whole concept is still relatively new to Ireland but more couples are asking about them and opting for a session so if you are planning to get married you will start to hear more and more about them as time goes on.

Anyways, enough said. Meet Anna & Andres who popped over to Dublin for an engagement shoot just before Christmas. This gorgeous couple are tying the knot in February and wanted some practice time in front of the camera. Not that they actually needed it as after 10 minutes they were both naturals to work with. With very little direction from me, they just relaxed into it and we got some beautiful photos in lovely winter light.

We choose St Stephens Green because it’s just perfect. It’s got everything that you need as a photographer. Colour, mature trees, not-so mature trees, fountains, benches, paths, colour, open spaces, closed spaces, bandstands, ponds, bridges. I mean really – you could just work all day in this park…. But we didn’t. We spent about an hour rambling around the park stopping off at the good spots and where the light was just perfect. Then after that we did some more rambling (well actually they rambled and I hobbled as I injured my leg running the previous night but loadsa painkillers got me by).

We ended up in Temple Bar full of Christmas revellers before we wrapped up the shoot. Here’s some shots.. Really looking forward to photographing this wedding in a few weeks time..!

Anna and Andres, thanks again for choosing me to be your Dublin City Engagement Photographer.

If you are looking for an engagement shoot in Dublin, I am available for bookings anytime of the year. Get in touch with me today to book your session.