Sean and Jason tying the knot with some of the best bridesmaids ever at their Johnston House Estate Wedding.

Johnston House Estate Wedding

When you have a great outgoing and funny couple such as Sean and Jason you know its going to be a great day. But when you also have a bunch of bridesmaids or I  should say, grooms-maids that are totally sound and gel together, you know it’s going to be extra special. And so it was. This is one wedding that I will remember for a long time.

Started off with the grooms and grooms-maids getting ready in Johnston House before their civil ceremony downstairs. Champers, jokes and laughs were flying around all morning. Until the serious bit – the ceremony. No I’m joking, the ceremony was full of laughs too. And that was the story of the day. Laughs and quick witted humour in abundance.

After the ceremony I didn’t need very long for the groom photos. Just about 30 minutes or so in the grounds and woods within the estate.  Then we got the smoke bombs out and got everybody synchronised before pulling the pins. Then family photos were done in no time thanks to the efficiency and advance communication to everybody involved by the grooms. So plenty of mingling time  before dinner bell sounded.

I had an absolute blast working on this wedding and always enjoy working here. Thanks also to the fantastic Tamara who makes sure everything runs smoothly.

If you are planning a wedding at the Johnston House Estate or any other wedding venue, get in touch to check availability.

Thanks to Sean and Jason for choosing me to be their Johnston House Estate wedding photographer. Was an absolute pleasure.

Videographer on the day was the talented (and totally sound) Ev from Irish Eye Wedding Videos.