Why I Love This Wedding Photograph #1

wedding photograph bride jumping over rocks across river

“Mad but I love it”

“Fair play to her”

“Can’t believe that you asked her to do that…”


Just some of the comments that have been said to me about this wedding photograph. Firstly, this was NOT set up. Nobody asked the bride to take a run and jump. She just did it and it caught me by surprise as much as anybody else. That’s why I love this photograph.

I’m known as a documentary wedding photographer and this basically means that I shoot what I see and that I don’t set things up or get my clients to manoeuvre into silly poses. This was a wedding shoot in Limerick and the river is the river Shannon. The wedding reception was held at the Castle Oaks Hotel and the gardens attached to the hotel run down to the river which is a really lovely location for wedding photographs.

These stepping stones are pretty well known in the area and are popular for wedding photos so I along with the bride and groom we decided to use them. Whilst the bride and groom were on the rocks having a bit of a cuddle, I walked away to a pedestrian bridge which was quite a bit away and positioned myself with a long telephoto lens so I could get in nice and close. My clients had a bit of a cuddle on the stones (as you do on your wedding day) and then it was time to get back to the river bank. When I saw how she was jumping from rock to rock I thought great but I knew that I just had to get the timing perfect so that I could capture her mid-air. And I did. Perfect timing, perfect framing and beautiful light.

To top it off, the groom even gave a little wave whereas most guys would have left their hands in their pockets. This adds a little more interest to the photo and its a little tip I give to all my clients before their wedding photos – to move around as much as possible and try not to be too rigid. Am so glad he listened..!

Anyway, I hope you love this photograph as much as I do. To see the full blog post for this wedding click here.

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