If you are searching for a Kilshane House Wedding Photographer, then have a browse through here. This is a snapshot of the wedding of Sarah & Fergal who have to be right up there amongst my top 5 super cool couples of 2018.

Kilshane House Wedding Photographer

Kilshane House has been a favourite top wedding venue of mine over the years. A lovely old house, expansive grounds and great staff. I’ve been here both as a wedding guest but more often as a wedding photographer so I’ve experienced both sides of the coin. It’s great..! So Sarah and Fergal booked me because they wanted a calm and fuss free approach to their wedding photography. They didn’t want to be separated from their guests for any considerable amount of time. Also, they didn’t want posey photographs. So we were all a match made in heaven..! 🙂

I mentioned the word calm and its a word I’ll use to also describe Sarah. When I walked into the bridal preparations that morning, it was an oasis of tranquility. Sarah and her wonderful bridesmaids were as calm as cucumbers but everything was under control and on time. Hallelujah…!

Fergal was also getting ready in the house so I was able to get to him and the lads for a few minutes before Sarah popped the dress on. Thanks to our beautiful summer, the planned outdoor ceremony went ahead in the lovely walled garden a brief walk away from the main house. A lovely relaxed ceremony after which drinks and canapes were served outside the main house – a beautiful setting. I just spent a very short time with photographs of the bride and groom as they wanted to be with their guests and who could blame them. Weather was fabulous and the food and drink just kept coming..!

Before long it was time for dinner which was preceded by some hilarious speeches. As with summer weddings we sometimes get the chance to go out after the dinner whilst the band are setting up for a few photos. This is generally the best time of the day for photos as the light is so much better than during the afternoon. It is softer and lower in the sky and if only the format of an Irish wedding allowed for bride and groom photos to be scheduled for this time. It would make such a huge difference. However the structure of most weddings don’t allow for it and nor does the unreliable Irish weather so as a wedding photographer, we take what we can get.

After the first few dances, I called it a day and said my goodbyes. As always, a great day and a brilliant laid back couple who just wanted to enjoy their day without any fuss.

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A huge thanks to Sarah and Fergal for choosing me to be their Co Tipperary wedding photographer. I wish them the very best for their future together.