Donegal with it’s amazing landscapes and clean empty windswept beaches is a nature lovers and photographers paradise. This is where Deepti & Lakshman wanted to have their pre-wedding shoot and I was delighted to say yes..!

Deepti & Lakshman’s Pre-wedding Shoot in Donegal, Ireland

Deepti & Lakshman are both from India and living here in Ireland for the past number of years. However, their wedding will be in in India and they wanted to project photographs at their wedding to reflect their time here. So that said, cameras packed and off we set to Donegal. I did this pre-wedding shoot a little differently to the norm. Considering that we would be in the West of Ireland and surrounded by mountains, I really wanted a sunset shot which due to busy calendars was only possible the evening before their scheduled engagement shoot. So we all headed to Donegal the evening before to hopefully get those rays disappearing behind those hills. It all looked so promising, 28C and clear skies for most of the day until about 45 minutes before the sun set, the clouds rolled in. Absolutely typical…. But hey, thats Ireland. We still got some lovely shots as the sun set. Just not quite what I had in mind..

Anyway, off to our hotel for the night and early the next morning after breakfast we were on the road to Glenveagh National Park. Total contrast to the previous day, we had grey skies and rain and fog. Oh and mosquitoes. Billions of them…! But we weren’t going to let swarming mosquitoes ruin the day so we got on with it. Rambling around scratching and flapping our hands and arms about like mad yokes but getting some great shots.

After Glenveagh we went to one of the regions infamous beaches and then Devils Glen. It was late afternoon by the time we got back to our hotel in Letterkenny before Deepti & Lakshman had to dash off for an appointment in Dublin.

The great thing about engagement shoots unlike the majority of weddings, is that time is on your side. So if it rains – and it did – we have the time to wait it out or we can choose to work in it as generally nobody is too bothered about getting a bit wet. Unlike a wedding time is usually always limited and nobody wants to get damp let alone wet. We were able to do just that during this pre-wedding shoot in Donegal.

Genuinely had a great time with Deepti & Lakshman travelling around the county in all sorts of weather for their pre-wedding shoot. They really were a joy to work with and were so comfortable with each other. And now all their family and friends in India will get to see the stereotypical wet & rugged Ireland.

Deepti & Lakshman, thanks again for booking me for your pre-wedding shoot in Donegal.

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