A Tankardstown House wedding is always a favourite amongst Dublin wedding photographers and I’m no exception.  This was a beautiful outdoor wedding shot in the Spring of 2017.

An outdoor Tankardstown House Wedding

A Tankardstown House wedding just outside Slane, Co Meath is always special and this Irish country wedding venue is an absolute favourite of mine. I’ve photographed many weddings here over the years and regardless of what season it is, the house and it’s grounds always look amazing. The colours, the walled garden, the tree lined avenue and the open space with the house as a backdrop never fail to impress regardless of the time or year or the weather. Guests love it as they can easily chill out in some of the beautiful lounges within the house or outside in the gardens. Food is amazing too – which is kinda good. Considering….

Julie-Anne and Damien fell in love with this venue when they first saw it and knew it absolutely had to be their outdoor wedding venue. Yup, outdoors under a big tree outside the house amongst thousands of cherry blossoms handpicked by Damien and the groomsmen. Poor lads….!! What a job that was the day before the wedding… It was April and the rain threatened and it threatened and then it threatened some more but amazingly it stayed dry not just for the ceremony, but for the rest of the day until everybody was sitting for their meal. So Julie-Anne and Damien bet the odds and had their outdoor wedding ceremony under that tree amongst the cherry blossoms.

Ceremony over, I spent a brief time with them afterwards for photos with them, the bridal party and the families before slipping back into my stealthy documentary photographic mode.

This was a truly brilliant day with a great couple who just let me get on with doing what I do – thank you so much for that… You two rock…! Mucho appreciated…!! Ohh and some of the best, funniest bridesmaids ever…!!

Here’s a glimpse of Julie-Anne and Damiens wedding using just a few images from their Tankardstown house wedding.

Julie-Anne and Damien, congratulations again on your wedding day and I want to thank you for choosing me to be your Tankardstown House Wedding Photographer.

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